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Only a subset of my blog posts have been migrated so far. A work in progress.

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Bob Kerns is a human artifact from a prior generation of AI, having worked on AI tools at MIT, Symbolics, Toshiba, Cyc/MCC, Digital Equipment, Inference, Brightware, Fair Isaac, and others.

ChatGPT is a non-human language model developed by OpenAI, representing the collaborative work of thousands of researchers, engineers, and contributors from around the globe. It assists millions of people by engaging in diverse conversations, drawing upon a vast array of information and is programmed to reflect a wide range of knowledge and viewpoints.

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A while back, I poked at ChatGPT 3.5, asking it:

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In response to some nonsense or other from Steve King [R-IA4], in November 2017, I wrote the following.

My father was an Iowa country preacher. So was my mother’s father. I never saw the slightest hint of such attitudes, heard the slightest whisper. I don’t recall ever being taught that women need men’s protection—just the Golden Rule—treat everyone as you’d like to be treated yourself.

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A bright 15-year-old young woman asks:

Tweet from Emilia

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