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  • POST: Training is not Copying, so how do we pay creators? (22 Nov 2023)

    Bob Kerns is a human artifact from a prior generation of AI, having worked on AI tools at MIT, Symbolics, Toshiba, Cyc/MCC, Digital Equipment, Inference, Brightware, Fair Isaac, and others.

    ChatGPT is a non-human language model developed by OpenAI, representing the collaborative work of thousands of researchers, engineers, and contributors from around the globe. It assists millions of people by engaging in diverse conversations, drawing upon a vast array of information and is programmed to reflect a wide range of knowledge and viewpoints.

  • POST: ChatGPT Doesn't Know It Cannot Follow Directions (22 Nov 2023)

    A while back, I poked at ChatGPT 3.5, asking it:

  • PAGE: ChatGPT-4 Writes a Game Narrative (03 Apr 2024)
    Q: Write a game narrative for a cooperative adventure through a surreal landscape.
    A: Title: Echoes of Dreamweave
    The game is set in the realm of Dreamweave, a surreal landscape created by the collective dreams, hopes, and fears of humanity. This world is a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors, ever-shifting terrains, and fantastical creatures. The sky is a swirling vortex of dream energy, and the horizon is an ever-changing blend of reality and imagination.
  • PAGE: ChatGPT Writes Legislation (08 Apr 2023)
    I ask ChatGPT to write a bill to maximize donors and position me as tough on immigration yet compassionate.