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  • PAGE: A Conversation With ChatGPT About Attention (03 Apr 2024)
    The topic of attention came up in my household. Since ChatGPT is based on an attention mechanism, I thought I would ask ChatGPT for its thoughts.
  • PAGE: ChatGPT writes python code (03 Apr 2024)
    I asked ChatGPT 4 to write me some useful python code. It took a bit of mentoring.
  • PAGE: ChatGPT-4 Writes a Game Narrative (03 Apr 2024)
    Q: Write a game narrative for a cooperative adventure through a surreal landscape.
    A: Title: Echoes of Dreamweave
    The game is set in the realm of Dreamweave, a surreal landscape created by the collective dreams, hopes, and fears of humanity. This world is a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors, ever-shifting terrains, and fantastical creatures. The sky is a swirling vortex of dream energy, and the horizon is an ever-changing blend of reality and imagination.
  • PAGE: ChatGPT Writes Legislation (08 Apr 2023)
    I ask ChatGPT to write a bill to maximize donors and position me as tough on immigration yet compassionate.